Sustainable water engineering


Sustainable Water Engineering

At Monash:

Fresh water will become one of our most scarce resources in the future. Monash researchers are looking at innovative ways to harvest and treat storm water in urban environments to provide an alternate urban water source, close to where it is most needed.

Groundbreaking research is also being undertaken in the field of bio-filtration, a process which harnesses natural filtration systems to improve the quality of water. Bio-filters also help improve the urban landscape and prevent erosion. Our world renowned team of experts have provided class-leading expertise to clients all over Australia and the world.

Other exciting areas include:

  • Integrated urban water management (including  technical, social & institutional issues)
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design and Integrated Urban Water Cycle Management
  • Development of the Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC)
  • Stormwater management, modelling and treatment technologies
  • Gross pollutant traps, constructed wetlands, bio-retention systems
  • Catchment hydrology, hydraulic modelling, monitoring technologies
  • Ground water, waste water and industrial water management
  • Waterway and estuary management, ecosystem responses to urbanization, flood and floodplain management
  • Economic and environmental analysis of energy recovery and cogeneration operations
  • Network analysis of thermal loop systems (hot oil, cooling water, refrigerant …)
  • Application of advanced distillation
  • Simulation of the aluminium reduction cell modelling of melting, freezing and casting processes
  • Microbial transformations and degradations of pollutants in aquatic environment
  • Micromanipulation for the characterisation of cells and ‘soft’ particles