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Build on your
  • STEM
  • Science
  • Math
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical Science
  • Computer Science
  • IT
  • STEM
undergraduate skills and
future-proof your career

Applicants who hold relevant STEM degrees and meet the course prerequisites can enter into our Master of Professional Engineering

In just three years or less for the Monash Science pathway, you can gain the technical skills and knowledge you need to become an accredited professional engineer. There are five engineering masters specialisations to choose from.

If you have a bachelor degree in one of the disciplines below including studies in mathematics (including linear algebra and calculus), and physics or chemistry (depending on the specialisation sought for admission), you can build on your STEM undergraduate skills and future-proof your career with an engineering masters.

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Pharmacy
  • Biomedical Science
  • Computer Science or IT

Why engineering

  • Engineers create solutions to global challenges to benefit humanity by reimagining the components of our physical world
  • Career outcomes for engineering graduates are strong with 94.6% of our postgraduate students securing full time employment within 4 months *
  • Engineering solutions require scientific minds. Build on your scientific knowledge and translate it into engineering practice
  • A total learning experience. An Engineering masters is a practical, hands-on degree with professional and industry experience that gives you an edge in the competitive graduate employment market
  • Monash is one of Australia’s leading universities for engineering and technology with world-class facilities
  • Government subsidised fees - Commonwealth Supported Places are available for eligible domestic students

Future proof your career

Engineers are in demand. Build on your STEM degree and get the technical and hands-on experience to practice as a professional engineer around the world. Future-proof your career through internships, real-world projects and industry experience.

Your future career options

  • Manage or contribute to complex projects for public, private or non-governmental organisations
  • Consultant, entrepreneur or CEO of your own company
  • Research and development for industry or government sectors, or research institutions
  • Lead specialist engineer in your field/s of expertise

Our graduates have gone on to successful careers with leading global organisations including Tesla, NASA, Dyson, Google, Nestlè, Tata, Department of Transport, BHP, PepsiCo, Deloitte, Department of Defence, Apple, Rocket Lab, PwC, Environment Protection Authority and United Nations. Improve your employment outcomes, leverage our world-wide industry connections and set yourself up for career success with a graduate degree.

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A bachelor’s degree (equivalent to an Australian undergraduate degree) with prior studies in mathematics (including linear algebra and calculus), and physics or chemistry as related to the specialisation sought for admission, with at least 65% (Australian equivalent) weighted average. Applicants must have successfully completed a minimum of 2 units in each prerequisite, mathematics and physics or chemistry (required for Chemical Engineering only).

Note: Consideration for the educational impact of COVID-19 will be given to applicants who achieve 62% (Australian equivalent) or higher for the 2021 and 2022 intakes.

See the course details for further information

Monash science pathway to engineering

The Monash Bachelor of Science can be used as a pathway into graduate Engineering at Monash. If you love science and also have an interest in engineering, keep your options open and be on track to earn both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Professional Engineering.

Complement your Science degree with Engineering units, broaden your knowledge and accelerate your masters to become a professional engineer in just 2.5 years.

The benefit

  • Get a taste of Engineering during your Science degree and leave your options open to accelerate a Master of Professional Engineering
  • Earn an engineering masters degree in just 2.5 years to become a professional accredited engineer
  • CSP places are available for eligible students
  • Receive a Monash alumni discount of 10% off tuition fees (for the first 48 credit points)
  • Increase your future earning potential and expand career options with a graduate degree

How it works

In the Monash Science pathway you can choose up to four Engineering Foundation units to study as electives in the second and third year of your Science degree. Choose from one of the five engineering masters specialisations and check the course map below to ensure you select the Engineering Foundation units that relate to the discipline/s you’re interested in, and that will enable you to fast track your masters.

In the final year of your Science degree, provided you meet the entry requirements, you can apply for graduate entry into the Master of Professional Engineering. The successfully completed Engineering Foundation units can be credited to the Master of Professional Engineering and you can commence your masters in either the start or mid year intake, and be on track to complete your engineering masters in 2.5 years instead of 3 years.

Chart explains the science pathway

How to apply

Apply directly to Monash using course code E6011.

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