Minors in Mining and Renewable Energy Engineering

As an Engineer, the career opportunities are diverse and you may find yourself working in one of many adjacent fields of Engineering. Selecting your electives from one of our minor programs will ensure that you have the background knowledge required to make strong contributions in your role from day one.

These minors, recognised on your Degree Certificate when you graduate, have four units studied over at least two years. This offers you a depth and breadth of study in the adjacent field which widens your knowledge and enhances your career opportunities – all within your four-year Engineering degree.

Mining Engineering

Mining engineers work in all aspects of exploring, planning, extracting and processing minerals. Mining engineers also take a leading role in working with the community to produce a sustainable engineering solution with minimal environmental footprint.

Specialising in Mining Engineering, you will be industry ready with a diverse background in environment and sustainability, autonomous and remote technology solutions, project, safety and risk management, teamwork and leadership. You will have a practical approach to problem solving and a strong grasp of emerging technologies.

Possible careers

Equipped with a Monash Engineering degree many diverse and exciting career opportunities will be available to you. In particular some of the roles in the Mining sector include:

  • Mining Engineer
  • Geotechnical Engineer
  • Ventilation Officer
  • Drilling and Blasting Officer
  • Health and Safety Officer
  • Environmental Management Officer
  • Technical Services Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Health, Safety and Training Manager
  • Supply Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Mine General Manager

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy engineering is an emerging discipline. Monash Renewable Energy Engineers will cover Wind, Solar, Hydro, Geothermal and Biomass and will focus on identifying and developing sustainable systems for electricity generation. This will include a broad knowledge of renewable energy sources and technologies; ability to assess feasibility of alternative energy options and make recommendations based on site specific resource characteristics.

Monash is committed to reducing reliance on fossil fuels. A minor in Renewable Energy will provide you with a passion for the environment to enter the growing Renewable and Clean Energy Engineering market. When you graduate you will be equipped to develop and manage the most appropriate and environmentally sustainable energy solutions for any business need, project or asset.

Monash Renewable Energy Engineers are at the forefront of renewable energy implementation in Australia with the ability to transfer skills overseas.

Possible careers

Equipped with a Monash Engineering degree many diverse and exciting career opportunities will be available to you. In particular some of the roles Renewable Energy engineers may be employed in include:

  • contribute to the development and implementation of clean energy policy
  • identify sustainable systems for power generation
  • understand traditional (hydrocarbon and coal) and alternate renewable power sources and their generation, in order to assess available energy options and optimise the outcome
  • provide recommendation and solutions regarding the intersection of traditional power industries and conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources (infrastructure focus)
  • manage the process of developing, maintaining and optimising alternative energy assets, and maximising energy usage efficiency.