Dr. Samuel Lim

Dr. Samuel Lim

Research Fellow
Department of Chemical Engineering
Room 219, 21 Alliance, Berwick Campus

Dr Samuel Chao Voon Lim research interest involves the process-microstructure-propoerties relationship of metals particularly that of light-weight metals such as Ti, Al and Mg alloys. His research generally investigates the processing/deformation effect on microstructure and texture evolution and mechanical properties. The processing of the metal studied covers bulk forming for aerospace and automotive applications and microforming for electronic and possible bio-medical applications. He has interest as well in developing new technologies for the processing and forming of metallic material and composites through casting or solid bonding routes.
Besdies the research interest, Dr Samuel Lim has significant experience and particular excitement in collaborating with industrial company to assist them in bringing the research from fundamental research (TRL1-3) to the applied level (TRL>5). Most recently he oversaw the completion of a project in the Investigation of thermomechanical processing effect on microstructure of forged Ti alloy billet (2012-2016). He led the project from TRL 2 to 7 with infal forgings conducted on the shop-floor and results validated.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Material Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University
  • MEng, Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore
  • BEng (Hons), Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Professional Association

TMS member since 2004

Research Projects

Past projects

Implementation of numerical modelling capability for achieving aerospace quality of Ti alloy forging in Baosteel production floor

Research articles, papers & publications

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Mr Sheng Cao (Co-supervise)
Effect of microstructure and processing on the stress corrosion cracking in near alpha Ti alloy.

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