Woodside Building for Technology and Design

Monash University and Woodside Energy have joined forces to build the new Woodside Building for Technology and Design, a ‘living laboratory’ in which students and researchers will pursue the development of new sustainable energy technology.

Once complete, the five-storey, smart-technology enabled building will be one of the most efficient and innovative teaching spaces of its type in the world, and will use solar as one of its energy sources. The building will house more than 30 learning spaces, including an interactive tiered collaborative space accommodating 360 people.

Construction on this landmark new project is due to be completed in 2020, with Woodside Energy contributing $16.5 million in funding.

With a focus on maintaining a positive ecological footprint, the Woodside Building for Technology and Design will showcase and encourage innovation and inquiry – allowing students to explore, design, construct and investigate new technologies required for a sustainable energy future.

Keep track of the building process through our time-lapse images. An updated photo loads every ten minutes during working hours.

TEd building