The Monash - Woodside advantage

Woodside is Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company. Woodside has a growing global presence, and is proud of its world-class capabilities and its history of innovation. As it prepares for continued growth, Woodside is keen to capitalise on its current strong position by investing in new partnerships that focus on identifying and commercialising innovative new technologies as well as attracting top talent which will together position the company ahead of the curve.

Our Vision

The vision for the partnership and the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash is to create a globally connected innovation hub that rapidly accelerates advances in Materials Engineering, Additive Manufacturing and Data Science.

The collaboration is a powerful vehicle from which to drive entrepreneurial innovation, technology transfer and disruptive new commercial opportunities. Core to Monash’s strength in innovation is the University’s ability to educate tomorrows technology leaders and to undertake cutting edge research capable of finding breakthrough technologies and solutions.

Woodside are industry leaders in innovation with a commitment to unlocking new global growth opportunities. Each of the partners brings unique and distinct capabilities and by capitalising on these strengths, the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash can be expected to have significant impact with the human capital and the intellectual capital produced.


Connected thinking. Accelerating innovation

woodside innovation center

Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash (WICM) – aims

In line with Woodside’s Innovation & Technology Hub (WITH) strategy, the WICM will aims to:

  1. Attract and grow a cohort of technology leaders and expert researchers who will:
    • Transfer their technical knowledge and expertise to the Australian industry via leading events and seminars held at both Monash and Woodside.
    • Train the next generation of technical managers and researchers
  2. Identify, develop, test and jointly commercialise current and next generation engineering and IT technologies being researched by Monash University (and its network of partners) that can be readily applied to the oil and gas industry.
  3. Build and maintain a Global Collaboration Network which ensures the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash and its partners, and more broadly the Australian industry, are at the forefront of new and emerging disruptive technologies relevant to the oil and gas industry.
  4. Provide a dynamic multi-disciplinary environment, both physical and virtual, for the Woodside Innovation Centre at Monash partners and their staff to jointly learn, collaborate and explore new engineering and IT technologies and their possible application to the oil and gas sector.
  5. Leverage the past decade of strong growth by re-investing in Australian capabilities, talent and technologies to produce disruptive new commercial opportunities for Australia.
  6. Leave a legacy for Australia in the form of a strong, highly specialised, new Innovation Centre at a top 100 University.

For more information contact

Matt Nussio
Industry Partnerships Manager

Malaika Ingram
Woodside Innovation Centre Manager

Voula Terzoudi
Technology Manager