Mr. Yongding Tian

Mr. Yongding Tian

Postgraduate Student - Joint PhD with Southeast University
Department of Civil Engineering


Structural Health Monitoring(SHM)
Vision-based Bridge Displacement/Cable Force Estimation

Research Interests

My research interests include vibration-based structural health monitoring, vision-based displacement/cable forces measurement, human-induced impact forces estimation with computer vision techniques, development of structural rapid testing method (i.e mass-changing strategy, moving mass technique) and corresponding algorithms .

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[7]Q. Xia, Y. D. Tian, X. W. Zhu, D. W. Xu and J. Zhang* (2015). Structural damage detection by principle component analysis of long-gauge dynamic    strains, Structural Engineering and Mechanics, 54(2) :379-392(SCI IF=1.118)

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