Academic English Guidelines

The Peer Support program is here to assist you in polishing up your academic English. The following guidelines can help you understand the expectations and rules of the program. Read them carefully and if you have any questions, feel free to contact English Connect.


1. Each drop-in session runs for 20 minutes. Facilitators cannot extend the time of the consultation.

2. Each drop-in session can only begin after you show the facilitator your Monash ID card.

3. Each drop-in session can focus on up to 300 words of a piece of writing. You cannot bring the same piece of writing for multiple drop-in sessions.

4. Each drop-in session is also a learning opportunity to improve your academic English. The facilitators will identify, label and explain some of the grammatical mistakes. This will ensure you are able to revise the whole piece of writing by yourself later.

5. You cannot access more than one drop-in session per day. You are welcome to come for another drop-in session in a different day as long as you bring a piece of writing for a different assignment/task.

6. Peer Support facilitators will help you with your academic English needs. For issues of essay/report structure, organising ideas and referencing, see Learning Skills Advisers and Librarians.

7. The Peer Support program is not a proofreading service. As such, facilitators will not correct your entire assignment.

8. At the end of each session, the facilitator will ask you to fill in a survey to assess the service. This is very important for the continuity of the program.

9. Facilitators are well trained and are there to help and support you. However, they are also your peers. When you come to Peer Support, be respectful and maintain good professional boundaries.

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