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Suitable for: All PhD and masters by research students

Pre-requisites: Student of Monash University at an Australian-based campus completing a Higher Degree by Research

Duration: 15 weeks

Cost: Free

This module covers a wide range of topics appropriate for HDR participants. The focus is on helping you to express your ideas and opinions in a professional setting, while working comfortably with your supervisor. Some participants may find that they are familiar with these topics, but have not had the opportunity to practise them extensively. This course provides a safe environment for you to learn and provides an opportunity to connect with fellow HDR students, as well as to develop sociocultural and linguistic skills appropriate for Australia.

The classes run in the HDR Module include:

  • Transition to Australia
  • Cultures and Identities
  • Australian Functional Conversations
  • Phone Conversations
  • Presenting Yourself
  • Knowing Australia on Multiple Levels
  • Requests and Politeness
  • Australian Social Conventions and Conversations
  • Networking and Conferences
  • Public Speaking
  • Complaints and Apologies
  • Workplace Communication
  • Queer Communities in Australia
  • Talking about Australia