Academic English Facilitators


"I'm a Linguistics graduate and second year Juris Doctor law student. I love learning languages and travel. In my spare time I like to get outside and go hiking. I also enjoy the mind games section of the newspaper, and cooking from Ottolenghi's cookbooks with friends."


"I am studying Arts/Visual Arts at Monash and am passionate about language. I enjoy learning about people, travel, art, language, and music. I am excited for another great year with English Connect!"


"I am currently studying a Master of Teaching. I love the English language, having previously worked as a freelance writer, written a blog, and performed stand-up comedy. Though academic writing has certain rules and boundaries, there is still room for flair and creativity. I look forward to working with you."


"I am a senior facilitator at English Connect and a PhD student and tutor in the Faculty of Education. When not at Monash, I run my own consultancy business. I love art, cooking, reading and travelling. I also love being with my family and friends and celebrating life."


"I am completing my Masters of Applied Linguistics, looking to establish a career within the ESL field after graduating. I love working with my hands and making gifts for family and friends as well as travelling and reading. 2019 will be my 9th year of living in Australia since moving from South Africa."


"I am doing a Masters of Applied Linguistics after completing a BA in English as an International Language and Linguistics in 2017. I am originally from South Africa, and my first language is Afrikaans. My hobbies include DIY projects, reading, watching foreign films and travelling when I can."


"I am a PhD candidate, an English teacher and a happy full time mother and wife. When not at Monash I love travelling with my family. I consider myself quite adventurous, being in few countries has shaped my identity and the way I see life. I also love doing art crafts, go camping, nature and watching films. I am very excited to meet you at English connect!"


"Hello! I'm Melanie :) I'm studying Secondary Education and Arts. I was born and raised in Australia but my background is Singaporean and Malaysian-Chinese. I love reading books, manga, webtoons, blogs etc- I love learning things from a range of sources!"


"I am currently a Software Engineering and Arts student at Monash. I study linguistics as my Arts major. My objective is to marry the two disciplines of Software Engineering and Linguistics together. I particularly enjoy studying and discussing the structure of languages and look forward to another year at English Connect."


"My name is Ricky and I am from Hong Kong. I am a PhD student who is interested in stem cell research to understand the kidney. I have been to quite a few countries such as USA, Japan, Korea and South Africa etc. I love playing basketball and dogs. I love food but I can't afford indulging in any of them now as I am trying so hard to keep fit :)"


"I returned to study as a mature age student, and am about to complete my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in linguistics and philosophy. I have three dogs and far too many books. When I'm not studying, reading or walking dogs, I like to disappear into the bush and climb rocks."


"Hi everyone! My name is Thu. I come from Vietnam. It's my great pleasure to be working at Peer Support, get to know and provide assistance to peers needing help with grammar. Hope to meet lots of peers, engage in the feedback process and be helpful!!"