Peer Support Online

The Peer Support Online program allows you to submit some of your written work online to get feedback on your academic English. Please note that Peer Support Online focusses specifically on the grammar components of your writing. If you would like more information about writing a good quality academic argument or need more information about referencing you should attend one of the Library's Drop-In-Sessions. If you would like more information about academic integrity, plagiarism, and how to make your work more original, you should visit the Turnitin and Academic Integrity online Moodle page.

Peer Support Online Moodle webpage

Peer Support Online Instructions

1. You can submit 3 pieces of writing (up to 400 words each) for Peer Support Online per semester.

2. You need to self-enrol in English Connect’s Moodle page to able to use Peer Support Online.

3. Before submitting your first piece of writing, you need to take a quick English grammar quiz on Moodle.

4. You cannot attach Word or PDF documents for Peer Support Online. You need to copy and paste the piece of writing you want checked.

5. You can submit relevant information about your piece of writing (such as the essay question, what you want help with) in the Comments section.

6. Each submission is checked by one of our Peer Support facilitators and returned to you in up to 48 hours.