2019 PhD & Language for Employment Facilitators


"Entering university as a mature-aged student with a mix of interests but little focus has led me to a PhD in New Romanian cinema. Study has allowed me to travel the world for the first time and given me a confidence I never expected. I love cycling, craft and cats."


"I am a second year Anthropology major with a wide variety of workplace experiences: from overbearing bosses and quirky co-workers, to supportive teams and exciting projects, I have seen it all and am thrilled to share my knowledge with other students. When not studying I can be found hiking, surfing or sipping lattes."


"I am pursuing my Masters of Dietetics here in Melbourne and as a professional food lover, I actively seeks out iconic and exotic flavors from across the globe. Prior to this, I worked for a non-profit organisation that dealt with food security and nutrition issues in Cambodia."


"I am completing a Master of Education, focusing on educational leadership and policy. I was raised and educated in the Philippines, and I have travelled to the US, Europe and worked in Central America. I am into running, boxing and calisthenics. I also love to eat seafood and steak."


"I am currently a 2nd year PhD student in Pharmaceutical Science working on methods to detect illicit drugs in various settings. I love playing both indoor and outdoor football, debating about my favourite hip-hop artists and travelling to different countries"


"Hello! I'm Sarah. I'm in my final year of my Bachelor of Law/ Bachelor of Arts. I love to travel and took a break from study in 2018 to travel for the whole year. Hiking, camping, going to markets and trying local foods are how I love to spend my spare time at home or on the road."


"I’m a mature aged student returning to complete my final year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in International studies and Philosophy. Highlights of my last decade include managing an estate, travelling the world, working as an Employment Consultant and meeting different people. In my spare time, I enjoy quality family time with my 2 year old daughter."


"Hello! I first started with English Connect as a student in my very first semester at Monash and loved it so much I applied to be a facilitator and have been working with the programs since early 2017. I love hearing stories of people from across the globe and that's why I enjoy it so much every time I enter English Connect classrooms and make new connections!"

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