Let's Chat Facilitators

AMANDAI'm a fifth-year Arts/Law student, majoring in Spanish. A great afternoon for me would be a sunny lunch with friends, followed by a riveting film. Having travelled to Europe and Asia, next I'd love to go to Latin America!AMANDAQuirky and fun? Food lover? Music enthusiast? Yes, that's me! I am an Arts student! I love to travel, be it to another country, or to the nearest Maccas for a meal. I love listening to different music, ranging from Arctic Monkeys to Blackpink. I love meeting new people!AMELIAI'm in my final year of my teaching degree. My favourite place to travel to is Vietnam, as I love indulging in lots of pho soup and bah minh - I think it's also such a beautiful place. I have an intense love for all different food, but always get carried away with chocolate.AMMARI'm a third year Electrical Engineering student. Apart from trying to finish my degree, I’ve been involved with different organisations like MSA and Centaurus College where my focus has been on helping students integrate into university smoothly. I like helping people and meeting new students from all around the world.
AMYI'm studying English as an International Language and Psychology, have a passion for travel, and have been to 27 countries! My favourite things are visiting a new city, meeting people from different cultures and trying new cuisines... food is my life. I'm very excited to work with you this year!ASHIKINFull-time Education student who is also a: part-time foodie, part-time couch potato, part-time wanderluster and part-time book lover. I can be eccentric sometimes, but talk to me about anything, anytime!BECKYI am in my third year of studying Chemical Engineering. My interests include seeing live music and trying all types of different foods. My bucket list includes completing the Annapurna circuit and skiing all around the globe.BONNIEI am studying in a Master of Teaching programme. I love all types of shows. My favourite movie is Star Trek and my favourite TV show is Criminal Minds. I love nature and I have travelled a lot. One more thing, I am good singer!
BRIANNEI love spicy Chinese food. I came to Australia 3 years ago and I took one year studying MUFY in the city. I am studying Pharmacy at Parkville Campus which is a 10 minute walk from Melbourne Zoo. I am so excited about my placement at the end of this year!CHRISI'm in the final stages of my PhD. I have a strong interest in Theatre, having been an actor for 30 years before entering Academia. I love teaching and meeting new people, so I am looking forward to this semester.DULMINII'm a third year Arts/Law student. I'm Sri Lankan, born here in Australia, and I love travelling there. I've also dreamed of travelling to Europe which I hope to do next year! I'm a friendly and fun person, and my loves include food, books, dogs... and more food.ELIZAI am currently studying a Bachelor of Materials Engineering/Biomedicine. I hope to one day go into the field of medical engineering and work in a variety of cultures and countries. My goal in life is to make a difference, although I am not sure what that might be.
EMILYI love eating curry laksa, drawing, camping and making music! I study Arts (Gender and International Studies) and Visual Arts, currently doing my Honours year. I've studied a bit in Italy, did an internship in Indonesia, and I've been lucky enough to travel some of Europe, Asia and America!HARRY I'm a 5th year Engineering and Commerce student. I'm creative and love travelling. I'm passionate about sports and enjoy cricket the most.HAYDENI study biomedical science and commerce at Clayton. I enjoy travelling, playing piano, cooking, and the beach. I have been very fortunate to explore my family heritage in Italy and practice speaking the language. I also speak Indonesian and like learning other languages in general.JEANI am studying a Master of Professional Accounting and worked in HR at a multinational company for four years. I used to participate in the Let's Chat program as a student and had a lot of fun. I love reading and cooking. Looking forward to meeting you all.
JOYCEI'm currently a third year medical student from Singapore. My hobbies include eating (part-time foodie), travelling and trying out new things (learning languages, dress making, ice skating). I like to think of myself as a seasoned traveller, having been to China, Korea, Europe, UK and most recently Nepal.KATARINAI'm in my third year, studying Commerce and IT. I love sport and fitness - especially soccer, badminton and Zumba classes. Kayaking in Croatia and hiking in Turkey are on my bucket list for the near future.KIMBERLYI have travelled through the US, and have a dream to go to Paris. Indian food makes me happy, and I love to play the piano and sing. I am doing Honours in Psychology this year, and can't wait to work with you in Let's Chat!LAELIE I'm studying International Literatures and Italian. Italy is my main passion - I love the food, the language and the history! I also like cats, tea, and learning about different languages and cultures. I can't wait to get to know you, and to chat!
LIMWhen Carissa is not on medical placements, lectures or tutorials, you can probably find her at a coffee expo - she really loves her cuppa! Other things she enjoys include catching up with friends, hiking or just simply at a scenic place enjoying nature and all it has to offer!LOUISI was born and raised in Melbourne surrounded by Monash from a young age due to his parents' professions. I’m an avid supporter of Chelsea FC. I'm also a massive film buff, with aspirations to become a professional actor. Other interests include Shakespearean literature and an unhealthy obsession with Ryan Reynolds.MARTAI am a linguist and a trained teacher. My passions are English language and international education. I am super excited to spend a semester with students in Let's Chat classes.MAIREI’m completing a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Literature and minors in Film, and Indigenous Cultures and Histories. My studies have allowed me to travel, which I love! I hope to study teaching and continue to make time for my other interests, including cooking, creative writing and pottery.
MARIAI'm an MBBS/PhD student, and am currently doing research into new ways to prevent and treat blood clots. I love to travel, and have had the opportunity to visit a number of countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas. I also enjoy hiking, eating and meeting new people!MATTHEWI am a third year engineering/commerce student majoring in materials engineering and economics. Some of my passions include Brazilian Jujitsu, food, camping and meeting new people. I am looking forward to working with and getting to know a range of new people throughout the year.MICHELLEA fourth year geology student, I have touched a dinosaur at Cape Otway, slid down a volcano in Java, and skied the Rocky Mountains in Canada; Let's Chat about all of these! Looking forward to seeing you guys in class!MUKU I'm a 4th year student studying Arts/Law. I'm the oldest of four children, three girls and one boy. I am at times, a committed Chelsea FC supporter and follow the English Premier League for that reason. I'm so looking forward to the year and meeting you all.
NIMAI'm a PhD student in Civil Engineering. I've been to four continents, and I love travelling to see the world! I'm a food enthusiast and music lover. Let's share our experience!PALDEEPI'm a third year Science/Arts student looking to major in psychology and something else! I've mostly lived in Singapore, and first came to Australia in 2015. I spend my free time playing too much Overwatch. I have a love-hate relationship with food, it tastes great but I eat way too much!RAGHAVI love eating all types of food especially KFC. I love travelling and learning about different cultures. I also love sports, in particular basketball. I am a big NBA fan and my favourite team is the Spurs. I can't wait to meet and get to know you all!ROSI started at English Connect in 2015 and now I have become the Program Coordinator which I love! I did my PhD at Monash in cross-cultural poetry and the environment and I am an avid animal lover. You can often find me by the Australian animal brooches I wear!
RYANHailing from the small rural town of Horsham I moved to Melbourne to study physiology and further my love of science. I'm starting Italian classes this year and also enjoy sport and gym as a hobby when not in a lab.SAJJADI'm doing a PhD in civil engineering. I love learning about different cultures and having friends from all the countries in the world. I'm from Iran. Persian food is the best, no doubt. I was a Let's Chat student in 2015 and joined the program as a facilitator in 2016.SARAI’ll finish my PhD in Criminology in 2017 and I'm really looking forward to it! I’ve travelled to: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Scandinavia... and New Zealand... which is where I'm from! I’ve spent years searching for the perfect Pad Thai and I can say that perfection is hard to find!SETHI'm studying a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours), and love making and finding cool things, listening to music, hanging out with friends and learning to play drums!
SHIJICommerce and Engineering undergraduate. Made in China and exported to Australia after primary school. My favourite swimming strokes are breastroke and backstroke, favourite movie genres are action comedy and mystery thriller, and I live on coffee every SWOTVAC. I'm incredibly excited to meet and learn from everyone in Let's Chat!VINI'm in my final year majoring in Criminology and Human Rights, who's also an avid sports fan with a passion for rugby and swimming. I've been lucky enough to travel to a variety of places from New York to Kuala Lumpur and am looking forward to meeting you all!YASMINI’m studying Accounting and International Business. I've done a fair bit of travelling in my life because my family is very multicultural and share a love for learning about new countries and cultures. My favourite cuisines are Japanese and Korean. I can't wait to meet you!YENI am a PhD student in Sociology. I have been at Monash for around a year and really love my experience here! I enjoy travelling, learning about different cultures and Melbourne is one of my favourite places!
YI (JEANIE)I am a Commerce student, majoring in accounting and finance. I was born in China, but raised in Australia. I love travelling around the world and hope to get to Antarctica one day. I look forward to meeting you all!