Let's Chat Module 3

Suitable for: All undergraduate and masters by coursework students

Pre-requisites: Completed Let’s Chat Module 2

Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: Free

This module continues to build on the information learned in Modules 1 and 2, and is appropriate for participants who have lived in an English-speaking country for at least 12 months. Module 3 is designed to help students who will be looking to transition into the workforce, with particular focus on the communication skills required by Australian employers and international English-speaking workplaces.

The classes run in Let’s Chat Module 3 include:

  • Workplace expectations
  • Employability skills
  • Demonstrating experience
  • Workplace feedback
  • Small talk
  • Workplace sociability
  • Entertaining
  • Education systems
  • Talking to doctors

Having lived in Australia for some time, this module is designed to help participants start thinking about their next step, and the linguistic, sociocultural and communication skills that they can develop to make this successful.