Let's Chat Facilitators


"Hi! I am in my third year studying Commerce and Global Studies. I am originally from the Philippines, but I have also lived and studied in Thailand and now Australia. In my spare time, I love to volunteer, read books, take long naps and chill with my friends."


"I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education. I love connecting with people from different backgrounds and have a passion for languages and linguistics. In 2015 I visited Peru, Argentina and Chile which inspired me to learn Spanish. I have also studied Italian and plan to learn Sinhala sometime soon."


"I am studying Electrical Engineering and Commerce and am passionate about how technology can change the world. A year living in Taiwan opened my eyes to the world outside of Australia, and sparked an interest in exploring and understanding different cultures. Outside of my studies I playing soccer."


"Hi! I'm a law/psychology student in my final year at Monash! My main interests are eating, reading, sleeping and road trips in the warm Melbourne weather, as well as looking forward to our fun Let's Chat classes every week. This will be my third year as a facilitator and I can't wait to meet everyone in 2019!"


"I’m an Engineering (Materials) / Biomedical Science student who is passionate about the potential for medical technology to improve life for people all over the world. One of my favourite foods are lamingtons (with the jam in the middle). Hope to see you in a Let’s Chat class soon!"


"I'm a Pharmacy student who is currently in year 3. Also, I'm a returning facilitator for my 2nd year of Let's chat. I love to traveling and have already been to several countries. I like to cook and bake and share them with friends. I'd like to play video games as well. So feel free to join me!"


"I am a Law/Arts student, a keen globetrotter and aspiring writer. In 2016 I took a gap year, worked at a boarding school in England and traveled to around 15 countries in Europe. I hope to do graduate teaching and become a teacher in South America sometime in the future!"


"I'm in my third year studying Arts/Education. I love travel and in my early 20s I explored Europe while living in both Croatia and the UK. These days if I'm not watching a movie I'm probably reading. I also love coffee and almost always have one with me. Looking forward to meeting everyone!"


"Hello! I am a Commerce student. I am a travel, sport and foodie enthusiast. Some of my favourite places have been visiting the UN Headquarters in New York and experiencing the local culture in Cambodia. I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all."


"I am currently majoring in Psychology at Monash University (through a Science degree). My two main interests include neuroscience research and the country Ireland. I would love to travel there one day and see the history and experience the culture."


"Hi guys, my name is Joyce and I’m a final year medical student from Singapore (: I love travelling (most recently been to Thailand) and I’ve been facilitating Let’s Chat for the past 2 years. Hope to meet you soon!"


"I'm a fifth year law student, doing a double degree (Law/Arts) with a major in Indigenous Studies. I spent a year on exchange in the UK at the University of Warwick and loved studying there!"