Let's Chat Module 1

Suitable for: All undergraduate and masters by coursework students

Pre-requisites: Student of Monash University at an Australian-based campus

Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: Free

This module covers a wide range of topics appropriate for those who are new to Monash and Australia, and designed to assist with transition and engagement. The overall focus of the module is on building confidence in English as well as developing linguistic and sociocultural skills suitable for Australia. Some participants may find that they are familiar with these topics but have not had the opportunity to practise them.

The classes run in Let’s Chat Module 1 include:

  • Introductions
  • Expectations and reality of university life in Australia
  • Greetings and titles
  • Conversation starters
  • Conversation closers
  • Body language
  • Holidays

All Let’s Chat classes also have a strong emphasis on meeting new people and building new friendships, and Module 1 helps students to make new friends as soon as they start at university.