Let's Chat Module 2

Suitable for: All undergraduate and masters by coursework students

Pre-requisites: Completed Let’s Chat Module 1

Duration: 9 weeks

Cost: Free

This module builds upon the information learned in Module 1, and is appropriate for participants who have lived in an English-speaking country for at least 6 months. The overall focus of the module is expressing your opinions and thoughts both in the classroom and the workplace, as well as developing cultural and linguistic skills appropriate to situations such as apologising or making requests. All students have opinions, and these classes help you find your voice in Australian society.

The classes run in Let’s Chat Module 2 include:

  • Finding common ground
  • Requests: politeness and indirectness
  • Complaints and apologies
  • Voicing opinions
  • Phone conversations
  • Australian slang
  • Workplace communication

Module 2 is an opportunity to meet other students from the Let’s Chat program as well as to continue developing conversation and sociocultural skills to help you thrive in Australia.