Partners Modules

Pre-requisites: For partners of PhD students or Masters by Research students at an Australian based Monash University campus

Duration: 14 weeks + Concluding Event - per semester

Cost: Free

Participants are welcome to join the Partners Module any time, during each semester. The modules cover a wide scope of topics appropriate for those who are new or have been in Australia for more than 6 months. The overall focus is on building confidence in English as well as developing linguistic and socio-cultural skills suitable for Australia.
Some of the classes in the Partners Module include:
  • Expectations of Australia
  • Body Language
  • Workplace expectation in Australia
  • Giving Perspective and Voicing Opinion
  • Social Conventions
  • Special Presentation Series

Participants are not treated like students, but instead learn as much from each other as the facilitators. These classes are designed to be a friendly and enjoyable space to practice skills and meet new people.