Check your enrolment details

It's important to check that all your enrolment details are correct and notify the University of any errors.

Failure to check can mean that you:

  • are charged fees for units you did not study
  • fail units you did not study
  • are no longer enrolled in a unit if you did not pass a prerequisite
  • do not get grades for units studied but not formally enrolled in.

Where to check

Check your enrolment details:

  1. in the Web Enrolment System (WES) anytime
  2. on your Fees Statement
  3. on your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (available in WES after the census date).

Contact your faculty about any errors. Do this before the census date for that teaching period.

Check again after results release

After we release unit results, you must check that your unit enrolments are still valid. If not, adjust your enrolment as necessary. See failed and invalid units.

Seek advice from your faculty before changing your enrolment.

Change enrolment details

You can add and discontinue units up until the end of the second week of semester.

After the census date:

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