Tax File Number (TFN)

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique, personal reference number used in the Australian Government’s tax and superannuation systems. Your TFN remains the same throughout your lifetime and is one of the most important forms of identification in Australia.

Who needs to provide a Tax File Number?

You need to provide a TFN only if you’re taking out a government HELP loan (such as HECS, FEE or SA).

When you sign up for a HELP loan during enrolment, you’ll be asked to provide your TFN.

CSP students not taking a HELP loan

If you’re in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and intend to pay your fees upfront, you may still want to provide your TFN just in case you’re unable to pay. This will safeguard you from losing your place.

If you don’t have a TFN

If you don’t already have a TFN and need to provide one, apply as soon as possible – well before your fees are due, and before 11.59pm on your first census date. It can take up to four weeks to receive your TFN.

In the meantime, you can still enrol. Find out how to enrol without a TFN.

How to apply for a TFN

Follow the instructions on the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The fastest and easiest way to apply is through Australia Post, as outlined on the ATO website. This involves submitting your application online then, within 30 days, booking an interview at an Australia Post outlet.

Enrolling without your TFN

Even if you intend to take a HELP loan, you can still enrol without your TFN and provide it later.

During the enrolment process

In Step 3 of the enrolment process, you need to select a payment option. Without a TFN, you can only select Upfront payment. Do this for now so you can finish enrolling by the offer expiry date.

This is done in the Web Enrolment System (WES).

After enrolling, apply for your TFN right away online at the ATO website.

Waiting for your TFN

If your fees are soon due or your first census date is approaching and you haven’t received your TFN, you need to provide Monash with proof of your TFN application. Otherwise you risk having:

  • a block put on your account for late payment of fees
  • your enrolment cancelled if you haven’t paid by 11.59pm on the census date.

Providing proof of application

If you applied through Australia Post, use the application summary (which includes your reference number) and receipt as proof of application.

If you applied by post or through a Service Australia centre, ask the ATO to give you a Certification of Application for a TFN and a receipt.

Email your proof to Monash Connect using the enquiry form, or take your documentation to Monash Connect, ensuring you write your student ID number on each document.

Once you have your TFN

Once you receive your TFN from the tax office, update your HECS-HELP form. In the Web Enrolment System (WES):

  1. go to the CSP HECS-HELP section and complete the fields
  2. enter your TFN (section 8A)
  3. change your payment option to deferred (section 11).

To avoid a block being placed on your account for non-payment of fees, you must update this form by the due date on your fees statement.

Keep your Tax File Number secure and private – never provide your TFN by email.

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