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Transfer to another college or university


International students on a student visa

If you need to transfer to another university or college within the first six months of your main course of study, you will need to apply for a release letter from the University.

If you wish to transfer after six months, you don't need permission or a release letter.

Eligibility for a release letter

For your application to be considered, the other university or college must be registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). You can check this using the CRICOS course and institution search.

Monash will approve your application for a release letter, if:

  • your course is academically unsuitable for you. This means that the course doesn't meet your educational or developmental needs, your study capabilities or you are better suited to a different learning environment
  • you can prove compassionate or compelling reasons for the transfer. Some examples are: a family member is studying interstate and you want to live with them, you want to change your course to access a cultural support network or services provided by the new university or college.

How to apply

Fill in and submit an application for release letter (pdf, 0.17 mb), along with supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation

You also need to provide:

  1. a copy of the offer letter from the new university or college
  2. a statement outlining the reasons you wish to transfer (or any documentation supporting your application)
  3. additional documents if you're under the age of 18. This includes written proof that:
    1. your parent or legal guardian supports the transfer
    2. the new education provider will accept responsibility for approving your accommodation, support and general welfare.

Where to submit your application

If you haven't started your main course of study yet, submit your application and documents to International Recruitment Services (IRS).

If you have started your main course, submit your application and documents to Monash Connect on campus.

Notification and outcomes

You will receive written notification of the decision within 10 working days. If your application fails, this written notification will provide the reasons for refusal and the procedure to appeal the decision.

Successful application

If you receive a release letter, it's your responsibility to discontinue from your Monash course. There are two ways to do this:

Unsuccessful application

A release letter will not be issued if:

  • you haven't provided satisfactory evidence that the circumstances are compassionate and compelling or that your course is academically unsuitable for you
  • you have unpaid course fees for the current study period
  • the transfer is considered detrimental to you. The following factors may be considered detrimental:
    • the transfer would put your progression through a package of courses at risk
    • you require access to particular support services that would not be available to you in the case of a transfer

Appeal rights
If your application is unsuccessful, you can appeal to the University Student Ombudsman.

If you are not satisfied with the University Student Ombudsman's recommendations a complaint can be lodged with the Ombudsman Victoria.

Relevant policy and procedure

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