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Re-enrolment for research students


All doctoral students are required to re-enrol annually at the University. A research year is from 1 January - 31 December. To assist students in meeting this requirement, Monash Graduate Educations sends information and instructions about online re-enrolment procedures, including the closing date for re-enrolment, to students via their Monash University student email accounts in September.

Continuing students who do not re-enrol on time will be liable for a late re-enrolment fee and may have their enrolment terminated. Refer to the current Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations and section 2 of the Graduate Research Termination Procedures (pdf, 0.3 mb).

Research candidates need to re-enrol if you:

  • plan to continue study in the following year
  • are currently on a leave of absence or study leave but will return to study in the following year
  • conditional enrolment from academic progress review
  • enrolled as an external student
  • enrolled as a IITB student
  • enrolled in a Joint Award student
  • submitting your thesis in January 2018

Re-enrolment dates and timeline

Re-enrolment8 Oct - 28 Nov 2018
Late re-enrolment includes a late fee 29 Nov - 7 Dec 2018

Do not leave re-enrolment until the last day because:

  • you may need to contact your faculty or supervisory team for course advice
  • we will not waive the late enrolment fee due to WES access problems.

Steps to re-enrol

  1. Every research student is required to re-enrol in their research degree via WES. Please visit WES instructions for research students for assistance.
  2. You may also be required to select coursework units that comply with your course requirements. Once units are selected, you need to complete the Adding or Discontinuing Coursework Units Form (pdf, 100kb) and submit the form to your Faculty Graduate Research Office for processing.

A transaction number (starting with U), is sent to your Monash email account for each successful re-enrolment action. Keep these as proof of your re-enrolment. If you do not receive a transaction number, you have not enrolled correctly.

Course and unit information

It's your responsibility to select units that comply with your course requirements and seek advice from your faculty and supervisory team, if needed.

Use the Handbook to investigate your unit options and see your faculty re-enrolment information below.

For more information on coursework requirements for research students refer to Chapter 3 of the Handbook for Doctoral Degrees.

Debts or penalties

If you have an administrative encumbrance on your student record you will not be able to re-enrol. To remove this encumbrance and regain access to services contact Monash Connect on +61 3 9902 6011. They will advise you how to proceed.

If you fail to re-enrol or withdraw in good standing by the 7 December 2018 you risk being terminated from your research degree.


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Telephone: +61 3 9905 3009

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