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How to enrol in summer and winter units


Course and unit rules

If you are thinking about doing a summer or winter unit it is your responsibility to check the University Handbook to ensure the unit counts toward your current degree and that you have met any pre and corequisite requirements.

If you are waiting for results for a prerequisite unit, you may enrol in the higher-level unit. If you fail the prerequisite unit, you should check your enrolment details, as your enrolment for this unit will be invalid. See failed and invalid units.

How to enrol in summer units

As you can't enrol using the Web Enrolment System (WES), you need to:

  1. Check the Handbook to see summer and winter units on offer.
  2. Select units that will count toward your course.
  3. Get an Enrolment Amendment form from your faculty office (except Law units - see next section).
  4. Get faculty approval from the faculty teaching the unit before submitting the form to your course managing faculty.
  5. Get timetable information from faculty and unit pages or from the unit coordinator.

Once your form is processed, your enrolment in the unit will appear in WES.

Law summer unit enrolment

Law undergraduate units
Check the unit listing for Law summer units and follow the link to enrol.

Law graduate units
Submit your summer unit enrolment request
Make sure you use your Monash email account and include your student ID and unit details (code, name and teaching period).

Faculty approval

Get approval for unit enrolment before the enrolment cut-off date. See the relevant faculty in faculty and unit information.

To study units from another faculty, you must get approval from the teaching faculty first, except when the unit is:

  • taught by the Information Technology or Business and Economics faculties
  • core to your degree.

Take the form to your managing faculty for final approval.

Faculty responsibilities

Each faculty:

  • nominates the units (if any) offered during the summer and winter semester and the fee type
  • accepts and processes your enrolment
  • notifies you if your enrolment is accepted or rejected
  • lets you know teaching times, locations and teaching materials
  • publishes unit discontinuation dates. See faculty and unit pages
  • notifies you if a unit is cancelled due to low enrolment numbers.


If you decide to discontinue from a summer or winter unit you must submit an Enrolment Amendment form to your course managing faculty. Discontinuation dates (and financial and academic penalties) may vary depending on the semester offering period and the unit teaching start and end dates. See faculty and unit information.

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