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WES help for coursework students


Use the Web Enrolment System (WES) to:

  • enrol, re-enrol and manage your enrolment
  • view fee statements and payment history
  • access exam timetables and results
  • update your personal details
  • manage your scholarship
  • apply to graduate and track your application
  • purchase letters, academic records and access other services

Enrolling for the first time

For instructions on how to enrol for the first time, see:

Adding and discontinuing units

For instructions on how to change your enrolment, see:

Common problems

Problem Details
Unable to access services in WES Your faculty has specific requirements for your course, or you require course advice, etc. Contact your faculty

You have unpaid fees. Pay your fees to regain access to the system
Read-only access to the unit enrolment module If you are a new international student, you won't have access to this module until your faculty enrols you in a unit.

You will then get access t and can make changes to your enrolled units
Unable to change unit The unit requires faculty approval. Change your enrolment manually at the faculty office
Unable to find a unit in Unit Search
Unit not available for enrolment in WES Your faculty does not allow online enrolment for this unit
Forced location You can enrol in units only at the campus specified
Unit not offered Monash does not offer the unit in that semester
Unable to remove a unit from my enrolment summary
No links in action column Only units in semesters one and two, full-year, terms, and trimesters can be changed in WES. Units in less common teaching periods may have to be discontinued manually

During mid-year enrolment, it's not possible to remove semester one units

Some discontinued units remain on the Enrolment Summary for audit purposes

WES may not be open for unit changes (in read-only mode)

Error messages in WES

Error messages Details
Credit point enrolment breach

You have not enrolled in the required number of credit points

The error message will confirm the minimum and maximum number of credit points approved for your study

Make sure you enrol in the correct number of points before submitting your enrolment

Credit point limit You can only enrol in a set number of credit points. Your faculty sets this limit
Progression rules If required to do a unit, you must enrol in it

If not allowed to do a unit, you must remove the disallowed unit to continue

You cannot submit your enrolment until you meet these rules
Unit does not satisfy the rules Error message describes what the rule error is, eg. not satisfying prerequisites, unit quota limit, unit incompatible

WES timeout

WES will timeout if you do not use it for 20 minutes. The inactivity timeout helps prevent someone else accessing your account while it is unattended.

Remember to logout.

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