Casual Trades and Services Staff Salary Rates

Casual Trades and Services Staff Salary Structure
HEW LevelSalary StepAnnual Salary From 19/12/20Base Hourly Rate From 19/12/20
HEW 1 3$49,926$25.18
HEW 2 3$53,896$27.18
HEW 3 7$56,733$28.61
HEW 4 4$65,234$32.90
HEW 5 8$70,912$35.76
HEW 6 5$82,256$41.49
HEW 7 6$90,774$45.78
HEW 8 6$102,120$51.50
HEW 9 4$119,136$60.09

NB: Casual loading is not included in the base hourly rate above.  Casual trades and services staff will be paid the casual loading in accordance with   the relevant Monash University Enterprise Agreement (Trades and Services Staff), for that particular type of employment. These rates are provided as a guide only.  Actual rates may vary slightly through payroll rounding formulae.