Building Independence For People With Disability

With 36% of Australian households including at least one person with disability, the effects of living with disability reaches further than you might think.

Of the people living with disability, on average 50% of them require regular therapy which is vital to maximise their quality of life and build their independence.

This presents a challenge - therapy is expensive, and government funding is limited. Which means that a lot of the load falls onto the families of these individuals.

In isolation, you might think this isn’t a problem. But parents are humans too, and even though they put their child’s needs above their own, they’re often ill-equipped to provide the therapy support their child needs.

This puts families in a predicament.

Take people living with autism for example - they’re recommended to have on average 20 hours/week of therapy. At $180/hr, their government funded ‘Allied Health’ support would run out in just 4.2 weeks, leaving the individuals and families supportless for the remaining 90% of the year.

A massive problem for so many Australians.

Thankfully, there’s hope.

Ally Assist, one of The 2018 Generator Startup Accelerator Alumni, are a social impact startup committed to solving this problem.

By leveraging the power of student therapists, Sam Donegan,  Cindy Li and Nikita Fernandes have managed to offer government supported Allied Health Assistants to people living with disability at an impressive 25% of the cost.

Quadrupling the in-person therapy support these individuals and families can receive.

Having launched just eight months ago at the start of the 2018 Accelerator, Ally Assist have already managed to hustle their way to profitability without relying on investment.

How? By focusing on creating real value for these individuals and families.

With an average client growth rate of 20+% month on month, Ally Assist are now on track to support hundreds of individuals and families living with disability by the end of 2019.

Ally Assist are an incredible story of how startups can be the launching pad to having large scale social impact.

Pictured above - Sam Donegan and Cindi Li, two of the co-founders from Ally Assist (


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