Shifting The Startup Gender Imbalance

With just 28% of Victorian startup founders being female, and a minuscule 2.2% of US venture capital funding going to exclusively female founded companies (vs 76% exclusively male founded), there is a blatantly obvious gender imbalance in the startup ecosystem.

From experiencing crippling mental hurdles like imposter syndrome, to dealing with biases like investors wanting to invest in ‘their own tribe’ (aka people that look like them), female founders typically encounter a huge number of hurdles that their male counterparts don’t.

Making the startup founder path far more challenging, and often less appealing for female founders.

How do we break these biases, shift the startup culture and really have a real impact in solving this problem?

According to Eliza Li, one of our 2018 Accelerator Alumni, we can all help to shift this status quo:

“It’s when more women break the mould and go on to build incredible things that inspires so many more to believe it’s possible.”

If you’re a female founder, here’s your chance to make a real difference.

By being incredibly brave and putting yourself out there, you can be one of the pioneers for the next generation of female founders, and a catalyst for the much needed social and cultural change.

If you’re ready to take the next step, here’s what you can do:

1 - Come to our Female Founder specific Accelerator info session tonight.
2 - Hear first hand from our 2018 Accelerator Alumni Eliza Li and Nikita Fernandes what their female founder journeys have been like. Find their stories below.
3 - Forward this email to any female founders you know, and give them an encouraging nudge.
4 - Just bite the bullet and APPLY for the 2019 Generator Accelerator via the link below 👇



We interviewed two of our 2018 Accelerator Alumni to find out what their experience has been like as female startup founders, and how The Generator Accelerator has helped their journey.


Startups Founded: Reach In Education, Femi and Halad to Health

Monash Status: Studying a Bachelor Biomedical Science and Commerce

Get the interview HERE.


Startup Founded: Career Futures

Monash Status: Monash Alumni - Bachelor Biomedical Science

Get the interview HERE.