How to Concentrate & Conquer Exams

Top tools to help you concentrate

Yesterday marked the first day of the exam period for Semester 2 of 2019. Congratulations on making it this far! Proud of you.

In a world full of distractions, it can be really difficult to concentrate when studying and we’re here to help you push through the next few weeks so you can conquer exams.

Here is a list of some great tips and tools you should make the most of, not just for the exam period but for everyday focus and time management:

  1. Forest App

    The Forest app helps you stay focused and be present by ‘planting trees’ on your behalf when you stay in the app. The harder you work, the lusher your forest becomes. Leave the app, and your trees will start to die.

    The coolest part is if you are an avid user you can use your virtual coins to plant real trees. This app is great for those who thrive on visual stimulation and need some incentive to focus. All the while you can help the environment whilst studying!

    Cost: $2.99.
    Find it: On the App Store, Google Play or Chrome.
  2. Set app time limits

    Can't stop checking and rechecking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, or any of the never-ending feeds on your phone? Sometimes it can feel like your thumb is running a race on your screen of its own accord.

    During this busy period, it’s a great idea to set yourself some realistic limits on your most used (most distracting) apps. Here’s how to do that on an iOS device, or on Android. Limiting your usage to somewhere between 30-45 minutes/day on two of your favourite apps will provide you the fix you need, whilst preventing you from falling into a time-wasting black hole.

  3. Quizlet

    If you’re sick of burying your head in the books, perhaps try an alternative approach: flashcards. Quizlet is a digital platform where you can create your own study sets and digital flashcards. Flashcards are a great tool because the process activates active recall, utilizes your metacognitive faculties, and allows confidence-based repetition. This technique super effective in studying and reviewing concepts.

    Cost: Free 7-day trial.
    Find it: On the App Store, or desktop.

  4. Trello

    We are big fans of Trello here at The Generator. Not only is it simple to use, visually stimulating, but it’s great for project management. Here is an article from Trello on: “How to Shorten Study Time And Still Get Results As A Student”. On Trello you could set up boards for each subject you have to study for or make lists of your top priorities. There’s nothing sweeter than being able to drag those tasks to your ‘Done’ board, and is a great incentive to keep pushing through.

    Cost: Free.
    Find it: On the App Store, or desktop.

  5. Jeffrey

    One of the Accelerator 2019 Alumni teams are the minds behind Jeffrey - the ultimate study buddy. Jeffrey has helped Monash students keep on top of their assignment due dates, and will now send you a friendly reminder the day of your exam for the forgetful!

    Cost: Free.
    Find it: Right here on Facebook.

And remember, make sure you take care of you: take breaks, exercise, drink water, and eat brain foods during this busy period.

Go and conquer!