Lessons from the Startup Masters

Wondering what it takes to be an incredible founder?

Well, the best founders we see continually grow as individuals. Which requires a combination of self awareness, dedication to improve, and right people and resources to learn from. Not to mention the elbow grease required to put their knowledge to test in the real world.

But with a world wide web bursting with information and content, it can be damn hard finding trusted information that’s relevant to the stage of any founder’s entrepreneurial journey.

This is where we come in. As the entrepreneurial hub of Monash, it’s our job at the Generator to guide our community to resources that best serve them at their stage of the startup journey, and help them take the next step.

And with over 7000 in our physical and digital community, we needed to figure out a scalable solution to recommending incredible content to our entire community.

So here it is. The first iteration of our online resources for founders.

These are some of the best startup resources on the internet, created by some of the greatest startup founders in history, curated for yours truly.

They’re not only for early-stage founders either. We know founders with multi-million dollar startups that read or watch this content on the regular.

Like many great startups, we’ve taken the LEAN approach to creating these resources. So consider this our MVP, and expect to see continual improvements over the next few months.

So if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it! Just drop us an email at entrepreneurship@monash.edu.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the resources HERE.

P.s. Here are a few things you’ll see in the next iteration:

  • Duration to consume content e.g. 2 min read or 37 mins video
  • More content created/delivered by founders from diverse backgrounds
  • More prominence of author (content creator)