2019 Showcase Recap

If you were lucky enough to attend the Monash Accelerator Startup Showcase last Tuesday evening, you had a rare glimpse of how high potential founders look at an early-stage. These founders demonstrated innovative thinking, grit, energy, ambition, and pure determination throughout the program.

Congratulations to the teams who worked tirelessly over the past 12 weeks on problems they are dedicated to solving for the greater good. For many of the teams this was their first public pitch, in which they conducted themselves with great poise, conviction, and professionalism.

The Generator believes in investing in great founders, with the knowledge that the 12-week Accelerator program is just the beginning of their journey. We are excited to see what extraordinary things they do in the next 5-10 years.

Thank you to our special guests Gheran Steel (CEO, Boon Wurrung Foundation), Ken Sloan (Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President, Enterprise, Monash University), and Graham Bell (Co-Founder, Next Aero), and speakers Helena Fern (Entrepreneurial Program Manager, The Generator, Monash University), and Kishan Thurirasa (Entrepreneur In Residence, The Generator, Monash University) for providing insight into what doors can open to individuals embarking on the entrepreneurial pathway.

A warm thank you to The Generator Ambassadors, staff and volunteers who were crucial in making the event run so smoothly, and look fabulous!

And last but not least, we thank you, our advocates whose support is critical to the startups' development - whether that has taken the form of a referral, a purchase or beta-testing, we are appreciative.

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