It's The Final Countdown! (To Accelerator Applications Closing)

The final countdown to get in your applications for The Accelerator is officially on!

Applications officially close in...

Need some motivation? We’ve made a list of (just some of) the reasons to join us and accelerate your startup.

1. You’ll work in a cool co-working space

The Generator has an amazing co-working space which brings together like-minded individuals all working on exciting projects and initiatives who can hot-desk away from the general spaces on campus.

You will have free (yes, you read correctly!), 24 hour access to the space, which is a huge plus. Working out of the co-working space also means you will be in close proximity to the Entrepreneur In-Residence, mentors and The Generator Team who are all here to support the success of your startup.

2. We’ll keep you on track

As founders, staying motivated and on track can be one of the biggest obstacles. That’s where we come in.

By sharing a co-working space with fellow founders, and having our Entrepreneur In-Residence by your side you the whole way, we will collectively keep you accountable for your project, your goals and your vision; making sure that you don’t lose your way, lose motivation, and pivot when you need to.

3. You’ll meet your mentor match

Need a mentor, but don’t know where to start? We got the connect.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and a vast network in the startup ecosystem across a wide range of industries. During The Accelerator, you will be matched up with successful founders in your industry who can give you real life, relevant and invaluable guidance about your founder journey and startup trajectory.

Let us help find the right mentor for you.

4. You’ll build positive long-term habits

Creating and maintaining structures, processes and systems can take a long time to develop when you’re starting out.

Our Entrepreneur In-Residence has been-there-done-that, and will impart insightful knowledge around some techniques and tools to keep you and your co-founders organised.

Developing these habits early will have a huge impact on how you manage your time and people effectively in the long-term. Teams that have gone through the program in previous years have since stuck with these management tools on a daily basis.

Let us help you be efficient with your time, stay organised, and be accountable.

5. You’ll find your tribe

This program will connect you with people, you may not have the chance to cross paths with in any other way.

Working out of the co-working space at The Generator provides you with the invaluable opportunity to create meaningful, fulfilling, long-lasting relationships with like-minded people that are going through the same thing as you.

Together, you will laugh, cry, work really damn hard, but most importantly support each other.

6. You’ll get money, honey

Real talk: you need money to launch a business or startup. If you’re launching or growing a startup and you need some financial backing, The Generator can help!

All successful applicants of The Accelerator program will get a minimum of $10K funding with no equity taken. That’s right, zero equity taken from you. Plus, we will be offering a bonus $10K to a high performing startup. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition, am I right?

Let us help you get off the ground.

7. You’ll be surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people

Someone smart once said: “Surround yourself with people smarter than you.” Smart.

One of the most efficient ways to light the fire in your belly and keep it burning bright, is by surrounding yourself by incredible, inspiring, intelligent people.

The co-working environment with 7-11 teams of fellow Accelerator participants, access to the Generator staff and Entrepreneur In-Residence equals prime conditions to form close relationships with people who will really get and support your entrepreneurial journey.

Sounds incredible, right? So, what are you waiting for?

Let us serenade you all the way to applications below...


Applications close 11.59pm (EST) Sunday 5th May.