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601 shuttle busses 

The University put on its own express shuttle bus service between Huntingdale Train Station and Clayton campus to demonstrate the need for improved services.  Usage data was continually provided to Public Transport Victoria to prove a demand for such a bus.  In July 2011, the 601 bus service commenced after sustained campaigning for improved public transport to the Clayton Campus.      

The 601 service operates every 4 minutes between Clayton Campus and Huntingdale Train Station during semester.  The service carries over 6,000 passengers every day, making it the busiest bus route in Victoria. 

Each year in March and August the University conducts a bus patronage survey.  The data indicates that patronage on the 601 has grown 74% since it was introduced in 2011. This data is shared with Public Transport Victoria to ensure that the service is continuing to meet the needs of our students and staff.  The information helps to demonstrate that more direct, frequent bus services would be beneficial for Monash University.

The University actively encourages the use of public transport and the 601 bus service has eased the commute for many Monash students and staff travelling to Clayton by providing quicker access between Huntingdale train station and the campus.  Annual transport survey data indicates that overall bus patronage to Clayton Campus grew by 2% after the introduction of the 601 service.