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The Monash University Community Farm continues to grow in strength with more and more of the Monash community taking part in learning new skills in self sufficiency and taking home some of the wonderful products it's producing such as corn, heirloom pumpkins, tomatoes and giant zucchini as well as an array of fragrant herbs.

Monash Permaculture is the overarching title for the collective who look after the Permaculture Garden on campus at Clayton and the Farm opposite the campus at 700 Blackburn Road.  For those of you who are interested in learning new skills, looking for some inspiration to spur on your own efforts at home or who just want to reap the rewards of growing your own food, you can drop in and introduce yourself at the weekly working bees and you'll find yourself amongst like-minded and welcoming people.

Staff and students are invited to become part of Monash Permaculture which holds its working bees on the community farm behind 700 Blackburn Road every Wednesday afternoon between 4-6pm.  For more information please visit their facebook page.

Contact the staff representative Tracey Mc Grath on 9902 4839 or email