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Our buildings are essential for our primary purpose of teaching and research.  They are responsible for the majority of energy and water consumed at Monash, accounting for approximately 80% of the University's carbon footprint.  

Globally, the building sector is the single largest contributor to the world's greenhouse gas emissions – responsible for about 33% of total global emissions1. They are major consumers of materials and resources, both in their construction and ongoing operation.

clayton campus aerial photo 

We are committed to reducing the impact of the built environment on the planet through pursuing best practice in sustainable design for all new buildings and existing building upgrades.  The following are tools and policy we employ to guide our commitment.

1. Sustainable design tools

2. Monash sustainable development policy

3. Sustainable new building design

4. Living laboratory 

5. Best practice buildings

(1) United Nations Environment Programme 2015, UNEP Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative. Available from: [12 August 2015]