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The development of all new buildings and landscapes are required to comply with our Sustainable Building Development Policy and Monash Planting policy.

Sustainable Building Development Policy

This policy seeks to formalise the university's commitment to environmental sustainability in the built environment by ensuring that our building developments achieve a high level of environmental excellence.

  • Sustainability in the built environment for major building developments will be facilitated through the application of independently assessed sustainable building certification systems.
  • All major building developments with a construction budget exceeding AUD$10million meeting eligibility criteria for the relevant certification system will seek as-built certification to levels of 'Local Excellence' or 'World Leadership' standards.
  • Building developments under this budget threshold and any refurbishment works not eligible for certification will apply principles consistent with best practice to guide and deliver sustainable outcomes.

Construction of New Horizons building 

Monash Planting Policy 

Monash University strives for world-class environmentally sustainable landscapes and the continual improvement of ecological function at all Australian Monash campuses through a commitment to native planting:

  • Plantings consisting of vegetation suitable for the intended application and being an Australian native species.
  • Plantings enhancing biodiversity through the provision of local specific species and habitat structures that preferentially attract desired native fauna and maximise benefits to the broader ecosystem.
  • Maintaining landscapes and individual features of significant value which have specific functions, improve social and cultural awareness, provide teaching and research opportunities and enhance biodiversity.
  • Exceptions to the Planting Policy being limited to landscapes which have particular heritage value or are exemplary spaces for the enhancement of;
    • research and teaching,
    • cultural and social themes,
    • functional requirements

native gardens