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bus and bike

Monash University is committed to reducing the environmental impact travelling to campus has by providing more sustainable transport opportunities for students and staff. Our daily commute has an impact on local congestion, urban form and the environment.

Since 2008, the university has reduced single occupancy vehicles coming to campus to 30%.  We have set a target to have fewer than 30% of people arriving to campus in single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) by 2020. We aim to do this by increasing and improving public transport options to our campuses through advocacy.  As well as encouraging active transport options, such as cycling and walking by providing end of ride facilities and travel smart maps with preferred route information.

For up to date information about travelling to Monash University Campuses by all modes please visit the main Transport and Parking page.

Public transport

Did you know more than 50% of people coming to Monash University travel by public transport!

We are committed to providing infrastructure and concessions to encourage staff and students to take public transport to university. We help push the message about the benefits of public transport by taking the hard work out of finding information and accessing discounts.

Walk, skate, cycle

Walking or cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get to campus.  Monash University is committed to providing infrastructure that enables staff and students to use active transport to travel to campus.  Currently, 17% of staff and students travel to campus either by cycling or walking.

The university is working with local councils and VicRoads to advocate for additional paths to campus.  On campus itself there are numerous bike hoops, showers, lockers and walking paths to help those that have cycled.