Tips to keep mobile phone costs down

  • Monash provides mobile devices to nominated staff for business communications
  • Monash reserves the right to recover costs for calls or data deemed excessive
  • The Conduct and Compliance Procedure (pdf, 0.12 mb) provides the terms and conditions governing the appropriate use of University phones applying to all staff

The Monash default plan


A call to a mobile service from a desk phone is $0.13 per minute to a Telstra mobile and $0.16 per minute to any other carrier.

Staff on the Unlimited Plan are encouraged to use their mobiles for all Australian calls outside of the University.


When your mobile phone service is connected it defaults to $2 per megabyte. You should consider your situation and usage and ensure the data plan you're on best suits your needs.

Discuss or change your plan

Get in contact with Solve Communications:

Check your data usage

Visit Checking data usage on your Monash mobile for information.

How to reduce your data usage

Try setting your phone to connect to the Monash eduroam network when on campus and use other wireless networks when available.

Using your mobile as a wi-fi modem can be costly

Sharing your mobile phone's internet connection with other devices like your laptop or tablet can be handy, but please be aware that this uses your mobile data.

Use voicemail instead of call forwarding

Redirections from desk phones to mobiles are charged at $0.13 per minute and should be avoided where possible. Record your mobile phone number on your desk phone's voicemail instead.

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