Venues, seating and starting times

Monash University holds three exam sessions per day. You'll never have to sit more than two exams in one day:

  • session one - 9:30am
  • session two - 2:00pm
  • session three - 6.00pm

Off-campus learning

Start times differ for each venue. Check the times on your exam timetable.

Disability Support Services

Adjusted start times may apply for some students. We confirm this by email one week before the exam period.

Most exam venues have allocated seating. Check your exam timetable in the Web Enrolment System (WES) to see your venue and seat number.

All on-campus students must sit at the set venue. You cannot change the venue. This includes requests to sit overseas.

Your main campus Exam venue Seating
Caulfield Racecourse
Clayton campus

Off-campus students

Allocated seating doesn't apply to off-campus learning students. In your personal exam timetable, click the venue address in the venue description link. Check the off-campus exam locations.

Off-campus students sitting at Caulfield Racecourse can view your seat number in WES one week before the exam period.

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