Blind marking policy

Blind marking is anonymous marking. Instead of using your name, we use your student ID and desk number to identify you. This policy has been introduced to ensure equality of the marking process. We apply the blind marking process to end of semester exams.

Examinations procedures

On-campus students

In the exam, we'll tell you not to put your name on your script books or exam paper. Instead of your name, you need to record:

  • student ID number
  • desk number
  • unit code
  • date.

You may have to add your name to any multiple-choice sections, but these are marked electronically, not by the Chief Examiner.

Off-campus students

This policy does not apply to students sitting at off-campus exam venues. If you are an off-campus student or an Open Universities Australia student you will still need to put your name on your script book and exam paper.

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