Help with your results

Understanding your results

For help with understanding your results, take a look at:

Academic transcript (record)

To get an official copy of your academic transcript, you’ll need to order and pay for it using the Web Enrolment System (WES). Within three working days of payment, your record will be available in digital format through My eQuals.

For more information, see academic transcript (record).

If you have concerns about your results

If you didn’t get the result you were hoping for, or you failed a unit, there’s no need to panic. For specific teaching periods, fail grades will be automatically removed from your academic record and you’ll have the option to withdraw units after results release (so they don’t count towards your GPA and WAM). For all the available options, and the eligible teaching periods, see the grading and results update.

Failed units

If you’ve failed a unit, you should take a look at failed and invalid units. You can also get advice from your faculty on how to deal with these results or with an invalid unit, or ask to view your exam responses.

Incorrect unit result

If you think a result is wrong, you’ll need to contact the unit’s chief examiner. For units taught by the Faculty of Engineering, contact the unit coordinator.

Course advice

The first step is to get some course advice by contacting your faculty during business hours. For contact details, see a list of who to talk to for course advice.

Reducing anxiety and stress

If you’re feeling stressed or anxious about your results, it's always good to talk to someone. We have University counsellors available to help you. You just need to reach out.

For our counsellor contact details, see reducing anxiety and stress.

General enquiries during business hours


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