Election to Steering Committee 2021

Notice of Election to the Steering Committee of Academic Board

The nomination of candidates for the election to the following positions on Steering Committee of Academic Board closed at 12:00 noon, Wednesday 18 August 2021 (AEST)

  • One (1) appointed (head of academic unit) member
  • One (1) elected academic staff member

No nominations were received (resulting in two (2) casual vacancies). Casual vacancies are dealt with by nomination of current members of Steering Committee, then approved by the full Board.  Therefore, Steering Committee considered one (1) appropriately qualified staff to fill one of the positions.

Steering Committee nominated Professor Julia Lamborn to the 'appointed (head of academic unit) member' position.  Professor Lamborn was subsequently declared elected to that position at Academic Board held on September 8, 2021.

The Steering Committee will further consider casual vacancy for one (1) elected academic staff member in due course.

The Steering Committee members from the appointed/elected cohorts are elected on a rotating basis, with a term of office for two years (15 July to 14 July).

Richard Long
Returning Officer
8 September 2021