Council Elections

All candidates for staff and student elections are required to follow the Principles governing campaigning.

Amendment to Monash University (Council) Regulations – University Council Meeting 8/2018 held 5 December 2018

Election eligibility

Subsequent to legal advice received regarding the recently voided University Council election of one (1) student member, Council made amendment as follows:

  • Monash University (Council) Amendment No. 5 of 2018 Regulations – amendment to student and staff elections to University Council (as at 11 December 2018).

See Regulation 6D of the Monash University (Council) Regulations, see link below:

Promulgated at

University Council Elections 2018

Declaration of Poll

Election of one (1) student member to University Council

Declaration dated: 4.00pm, Tuesday 31 October 2018.
Due to the recent receipt of legal advice I, Tony Calder, Returning Officer for the Election of one Student member to University Council, declare the election and the election of Mr Fisher to be void pursuant to Monash University Council resolution CL2/2016/20 dated 16 March 2016 and regulation 6C(2) of the Monash University (Council) Regulations.
Further, in accordance with University Council resolution CL2/2016/20 dated 16 March 2016 and regulation 6F(3)(a) of the Monash University (Council) Regulations, the procedure for filling a casual vacancy will now apply to the position of student member of the University Council.

Returning officer note:
Please note the cause of the declaration to void the election was the receipt of legal advice relating to Council Regulations and in no way relates to the conduct of any of the candidates.

Election of one (1) staff member to University Council

Term of office: 1 November 2018 to 31 October 2020

At the close of nominations on Tuesday, 18 September 2018, eight (8) eligible nominations were received:

As the number of nominations was greater than the number of vacancies, a poll was conducted.

At the close of polling at 5.00pm on Friday 12 October 2018, a total of 2,903 formal votes were received.

Following the counting of votes, Professor Ross Coppel was declared elected.

Professor Coppel’s biography.