Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

The University reviews the academic progress of all students to assist them towards the successful completion of their course and, where necessary, directs them to the appropriate source of personal and/or academic assistance.  However, if a student's progress is considered to be unsatisfactory, the University may decide to implement an intervention strategy as outlined in the Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Procedures.

What is unsatisfactory progress?

A student may be referred to an academic progress committee if:

  1. In a 12 month period the student has passed less than the required percentage of units or credit points required by the faculty in which the student is enrolled (Faculty Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Rules); or, failed the same compulsory unit twice; or failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the dean or by an academic progress committee.
  2. The student is considered at risk of being unable to complete his or her course of study within the maximum period of enrolment.
  3. The student is unable to obtain required certification to the standard necessary to undertake a requirement of his or her course of study; or
  4. The student is unable to complete a work placement because the University's usual placement providers will not, for any reason other than there being an insufficient number of placements available, accept the student.

It is important to note, however, that each faculty has variations to Academic Progress rules that have been approved by the Academic Board. Please check the Academic Progress rules for your faculty Faculty Unsatisfactory Academic Progress Rules