Exclusion Appeals

Students who have been excluded after submitting evidence to the Faculty APC, are entitled to appeal to an Exclusion Appeals Panel (EAP) member.  The right of appeal is limited to one or both of the grounds of new evidence or procedural irregularity.

Students must email the appeal to the Secretary, EAP no later than 20 working days of delivery of the Notice of Decision letter from the Faculty Academic Progress Committee.

Documentation supporting the ground/s of appeal must be submitted with the appeal, or advice provided as to when such documentation will be made available.

Appealing an Exclusion - Important Information for Students

If you appeared at your hearing and/or submitted evidence to the Faculty Academic Progress Committee (APC), you are entitled to appeal to the Exclusion Appeals Panel (EAP) member.

You must email your completed Notice of Appeal to the Secretary of the EAP no later than 5.00pm 20 working days from the deemed date of delivery of your Notice of Decision letter from the Faculty APC.  This Notice may have been provided to the student personally at the Hearing, emailed to the student's email or posted to the student address on the Unversity's record.

Your right of appeal is limited to one or both of the following grounds:

1.    New Evidence

That is, new evidence which was not reasonably available to you at the time of the faculty hearing that has the potential to alter the APC's decision to exclude you.  Documentation (medical certificates, statutory declarations), or advice about when the documentation will be available, must be provided at the time the appeal to is lodged. For guidance on the content of a medical report most likely to assist your appeal, please refer to the Medical Report Guidelines at:

APC Medical Report Guidelines

It is your responsibility to prepare and provide this information with your Notice of Appeal.  All documents must be in the English language or be a certified translation.

2.    Procedural Irregularity

That is, a failure on the part of the faculty to comply with the requirements in Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations, Part 4 or the Faculty Academic Progress Committee Procedures which failure had the potential to alter the APC's exclusion decision.  For example:-

  • The committee was inquorate.
  • The criteria for unsatisfactory progress has been incorrectly applied.
  • You were not properly informed of the date and place of hearing (note however that failure by you to notify the University of a change of address is not grounds for an appeal).
  • A reasonable opportunity was not provided to you to make a written submission, or submit written evidence.
  • You were not permitted to be accompanied, or assisted at the hearing.  However, you are not permitted to delay the hearing unreasonably because you wish to be accompanied by a particular person.
  • There is a reasonable apprehension of bias on the part of a member of the Faculty Academic Progress Committee.  You need to submit evidence of alleged bias, for example, that any member had a prior involvement or personal involvement with you, or has pre-judged you due to some past experience.  You also need to provide evidence, where applicable, of your original written objection to the faculty to this person's membership of the APC after the Faculty provided you with the names of the members of the APC prior to the hearing.

3.    Decision on the Appeal

The granting of an appeal is not automatic.

Your appeal will be referred to an EAP member who will determine whether there are sufficient grounds for your appeal.

If the EAP member determines there was not sufficient evidence to establish your appeal on the ground of new evidence or prodedural irregularity, the appeal is dismissed. This decision is final. If your exclusion appeal is dismissed, the decision of the Faculty will stand and you are excluded from your course or all degrees of the University commencing from the date of the original APC Notice of Decision.

Where the appeal is upheld by the EAP member, the matter will be referred back to the Faculty to be heard by a new APC with all new members, and may include another EAP Member as chair.

4.    Preparing for the Appeal

In all instances, all evidence including any documentation, certificates, statutory declarations etc, which is to be considered by the EAP member must be provided with the Notice of Appeal form. If such documents exist but are not reasonably available at that time, you must advise the EAP Secretary.

You are strongly recommended to seek assistance in the preparation of their appeal against exclusion, from the Students Rights Officer or equivalent at your campus, or any of the Monash University Support Services available.

5.    What if you have no right to appeal to an EAP Member?

If you did not provide evidence to the Faculty or you failed to appear before the Faculty APC, you have no right of appeal against your exclusion to an EAP member.

The only circumstances in which you could be granted a re-hearing by the Faculty APC, would be if the Dean determines that your circumstances for not responding to the Notice of Referral and Hearing or failing to appear the hearing were exceptional (see regulation 34 of the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations). A written request must be lodged with the Dean no later than 5.00pm, 20 working days from the deemed date of delivery of your Notice of Decision.  Only one application can be made to the Dean and the Dean's decision is final.

For more help and information, please visit:


Enquiries regarding the Exclusion Appeal Process may be directed to 9905 9005.

Enquiries regarding the Academic Progress process should be directed to your Associate Dean Education in the first instance or the Office of the General Counsel, Mr Jonathon Rhall.

Student Rights Officers

You may obtain independent advocacy, advice and assistance from Student Rights Officers (SRO) or equivalent at your campus.  Student Rights Officers can assist you with:

  • advice on your written response to the Notice of Referral and Hearing;
  • preparing for a possible hearing including the evidence you should obtain to support your written response;
  • accompany you at your hearing; and/or
  • advice in relation to appeals against exclusion.

Seek more information on Student Rights Officers.

Appeal against Exclusion Form

Appeal to the Dean Form

Further information can be found on:

Exclusion Appeals Panel Procedures of Academic Board