Satisfactory academic progress - US financial aid

Monash University is required by US federal law (34CFR 668.16) to define and enforce standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to all students applying for or receiving US Federal Direct Loans.

We'll review your results at the end of each teaching period. Failure to meet the SAP standard can result in suspension of financial aid. To meet the minimum standards you must maintain:

  • a full-time enrolment on campus
  • a pass grade average for each teaching period.

For undergraduate students, the review will look at both your results and the maximum timeframe.

For graduate research students, you must achieve satisfactory progress as determined by your supervisor and advisory panel (e.g. successful completion of candidature milestones within the specified timeframe).

Maximum timeframe

Undergraduate students are able to receive aid for 150% of the allocated course timeframe. Examples of eligibility for aid in years:

  • three-year degree - 4.5 years
  • four-year degree - 6 years
  • five-year degree - 7.5 years.

If you've reached the maximum time allowed (based on 150% of the published duration of your course), your aid will cease in accordance with US federal law.

All prior learning credits granted towards the course for which you’re receiving aid will be included in the maximum timeframe calculation. Non-credit, remedial subjects and incomplete subjects will not be counted. You’re required to achieve a grade on any deferred or supplementary assessment within six months.

Federal law may allow you to continue receiving aid, however individual academic progress requirements and student visa restrictions may impact on your ability to continue with your course.

Financial aid probation and suspension

The rules for financial aid probation and suspension are:

  • failure to meet the SAP standard means you'll be placed on financial aid probation for one teaching period
  • while on probation, if you meet the SAP standard in the next teaching period, you'll be placed back into good SAP standing - you can then continue to receive aid
  • if you don't meet the SAP standard while on probation, your aid will be suspended until the SAP standard is achieved again.

Notification: Financial aid warning

You’ll be notified in writing if your eligibility for financial aid is affected by the SAP requirement, and if your aid is suspended. You can appeal if you have exceptional circumstances. Monash University cannot waive the SAP requirement for any students.


You can appeal the suspension in writing if you can demonstrate one or more of the following exceptional circumstances:

  • death of a family member (parent, spouse, sibling, dependent child, etc.)
  • extended illness (defined as a documented, chronic or recurring medical or emotional illness that causes you to be absent from class at least 15 days or more)
  • extended illness of an immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, dependent) that places you in hardship
  • exceptional circumstances as determined by the Associate Director, Student Finance.

You must provide the reason for failure to meet the SAP requirement and why your financial aid should not be suspended. We must receive your appeal within 10 days from when you receive Notice of Suspension. You need to attach supporting documentation (e.g. medical or death certificate). You will not receive financial aid while an appeal is being processed.

Send your appeal to:

Director, Student and Education Business Services
Monash University
710 Blackburn Rd
Clayton, VIC 3168

We'll notify you of the Director's decision, which is final.

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