Pay your fees

When fees are due, you'll receive a document advising you of the amount and due date. This will be in the form of one of the following:

  • fees statement (also available in the Web Enrolment System)
  • application form
  • International Student Course Agreement.

Scam warning

To protect yourself from fraudsters and scams, pay using only the methods below and never pay through a third party, even if discounts are offered.

Scammers may contact you on social media, or be recommended by a friend. The scammer makes payments to the University using stolen credit cards and shows you the payment is accepted. Weeks or months later, payments are reversed and your course fees remain unpaid. Victims lose the money they paid to the scammer and still have to pay the University in full.

To ensure you're protected from scams, stay up to date with the latest warnings on Scamwatch.

Payment methods

Check we've received your payment

To check we've received your payment:

  1. log into the Fees statement section of the Web Enrolment System (WES)
  2. under All Statements, go to Payments and Refunds and click View (you'll see a list of all payments received).

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