Fees non-payment (encumbrance)

If you don’t pay your fees, we may place a block on your Monash account (an encumbrance). This means you won’t be able to access various University services, including library, computer and enrolment services. You’ll also be unable to see your exam results, request academic records (transcripts) or graduate. We’ll notify you in writing if this happens.

How to get an encumbrance removed

To get an encumbrance removed, you’ll need to pay your debt. We’ll email your Monash account with details of the encumbrance and instructions on how to get it removed.

Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll restore your access to services. This can take around two working days if payment is made by Visa or Mastercard but up to five working days for BPAY. If your access is not restored within that time, contact Monash Connect.

For payment options, see pay your fees.

Invalidation (cancellation) of enrolment

If you continue not to pay your debt, we will invalidate (cancel) your enrolment.

Relevant policies

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