Student Fees Policy - course fees

In the context of the section below, 'course fees' refers to the tuition component of the total course cost.

5.1 Course Fees

Course fees are determined by the University, and published in Course Guides.

5.2 International Student Fees

5.2.1 Commencing International Students

Commencing International students are required to submit payment with their application to the University as a delay or difficulty in payment may cause delay in the visa application/approval process. Students pay before travel to Australia, by bank draft, in Australian currency.

5.2.2 Special Provisions for Student who become Permanent Residents (PR)

Any currently enrolled international student whose visa has changed from any Temporary Visa (including a Student Visa) to an Australian Permanent Resident Visa (APRV) must notify the University within 14 days of the change.

This will result in the student's university fee and residency status being changed from international to domestic.

The Permanent Residency status must be granted and the Change of residency notification - from international to domestic status form must be submitted to Monash Connect on any campus, before the census date of the unit/semester for the change to be effective.

The form can be obtained from Monash Connect and a passport with a validated permanent residency date must also be provided.

The key date to determine the change in status is the date of the visa grant as indicated on the visa label affixed to the passport and not the date on which the original application for an APRV was made.

Any changes that occur prior to your units' census date will affect your fee status for those units. If the change occurs after your units' census date, your fee status will not be affected until the following teaching period. There are different census dates for units in various teaching periods but the most common unit census dates are as follows:

  • semester 1 units: 31 March
  • semester 2 units: 31 August
  • full year units: 30 April.

Upon the Faculty decision, the student may then convert to either a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) or a Full Fee Paying Place.

Students who are offered a Full Fee Paying place may subsequently be offered a CSP. Eligible domestic Undergraduate and Postgraduate Full Fee Paying students can elect to pay their tuition fees under the FEE-HELP scheme.

Where a student had previously been offered or held a full fee paying overseas student place there is no obligation on the institution to offer the student an award place.

Where tuition fees have been paid in advance for the semester and the change of status occurs before the census date, tuition fees payment for that semester will be allocated and any excess funds will be refunded.

Certain conditions may limit the rights of students to continue on local status; advice should be sought from the International Admission Office.

5.2.3 International HDR Fees

Higher Degree by Research fees are based on the workload (EFTSL) students undertake in each research semester. If students enroll after the start of the semester their fees will be adjusted to take account of the number of days they will actually be enrolled in that semester.


Lee is an international student who enrolls in the Doctor of Philosophy course. He commences his course on 1 January with a workload of 0.5 EFTSL. Lee's course fee for that research semester is calculated as:

0.5 × $22,000 = $11,000

However, if Lee had commenced the Doctor of Philosophy course on 15 February his tuition fees would be adjusted (pro-rata) to take into account the number of days he will be enrolled in research semester 1. This means that Lee will only be charged for 150 days not 182 as he would have been if he commenced on 1 January. Lee's course fee for that research semester is then calculated as:

150 ÷ 182 × 0.5 × $22,000 = $9,066

5.3 Summer and Winter Semester Course Fees

5.3.1 General Principle

Students enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) may undertake summer and winter semester units on a CSP basis and will pay the relevant Student Contribution Amount (SCA) per unit except where the owning Faculty determines that units will be offered on a full fee-paying basis for CSP students.

Students must refer to each individual unit on the faculty's summer/winter web sites to ascertain if the unit is being offered on a CSP or full-fee basis for CSP students.

5.3.2 Summer and Winter Semester Fee rates

If a fee rate is applicable for CSP students the summer and winter semester periods will be subject to fee rates applicable to the census date in the calendar year of the unit of study. Viz. Summer semester units that commence from January and have their census date in that calendar year will be subject to fee rates applicable in that year, whereas summer semester units commencing prior to January and that have their census date prior to January will be subject to fee rates for the previous year.

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