Student Fees Policy - discounts

Monash University will consider the offer of a discount under the following circumstances.

8.1 Sibling Discount

8.1.1 Eligibility

Where two or more students share a sibling relationship and are concurrently enrolled in a full fee-paying award course at Monash University, application may be made for a 10% discount on the semester fee(s), based on the highest course fee charge rate (per 48 credit points).

To be eligible for a Sibling Discount a student must be one of two or more children having one or both parents in common. This discount is not available to family members outside the sibling relationship, such as stepbrothers and stepsisters. The 10% discount will be applied to the sibling with the highest course fee charge rate (per 48 credit points)


  • Bill Smith is a full fee second year IT student with a semester course fee of $7,500.
  • Bill’s sister, Mary Smith, enrolls as a first year Arts student with a semester course fee of $5,000.
  • The 10% discount will be granted to Bill, as his rate is the greater of the two. His semester course fee will be reduced to $6,750 per semester.

Students who are enrolled in any domestic or international full-fee paying award courses at Australian campuses of Monash University and meet the sibling requirements are eligible for the Sibling Discount. This includes diploma programs at Monash College and any postgraduate or undergraduate full-fee paying domestic students where a current or future government scheme allows for deferral of tuition fees to the ATO. Students enrolled at Monash Malaysia or Monash South Africa should contact their respective campus to apply for the Sibling Discount.

This Sibling Discount is not available to fee paying students enrolled in:

  • non-award courses
  • single unit enrolments
  • offshore award courses administered under subsidiary or third party arrangements.

Students receiving the Sibling Discount are also eligible to apply for Fee Payment Extension on the grounds of financial hardship.

Students in receipt of a Sibling Discount are not eligible to apply for other discounts that may be offered by the University

The Summer teaching periods of study will be treated as concurrent periods of study.

8.1.2 Application for the discount

When two or more siblings enrol in the same semester and the tuition fees are equal, and it is their first semester of study, the Sibling Discount will be applied against the account of the student as nominated on the application form, or as determined by Student Finance, Monash University.

Application for a Sibling Discount must be made before the Census date for that teaching period.

The completed application, together with evidence of the relationship, e.g. certified copies of birth certificates, must be forwarded to Student Finance, Student and Education Business Services, Clayton Campus, before the Census date. International students who are applying for the Sibling Discount for the first time should make application via the same method as above.

Students will be notified of the outcome of the request for a discount by email to their Monash email account.

Applications must be made for each semester in which students wish to have the discount applied.

Where the sibling enrolment details change whereby both are no longer enrolled in a concurrent semester, the discount will be reversed and the liability of the remaining sibling may increase to the pre-discount level.

Students who have received the Sibling Discount and then accept a Commonwealth Supported Place will have their tuition fee recalculated and may be eligible for a refund. The remaining full-fee paying sibling will no longer be eligible for the Sibling Discount.

8.2 Pre-Payment Discount

8.2.1 Discount for full payment in advance

This discount is no longer available.

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