Student Fees Policy - consequences of non-payment of fees

All student fees are required to be paid by a specified due date.

4.1 Fee reminder

Where a student has been invoiced and there is an outstanding debt, then a fee reminder will be issued within two weeks of the original invoice due date.

4.2 Encumbrance

Where a student continues to have an outstanding debt (i.e. tuition fees, fines etc), their enrolment will be encumbered if they have not paid this debt by the due date advised by the University. The encumbrance will cause the following restrictions to apply:

  • loss of access to library borrowing and other library services
  • loss of access to Monash University’s computer systems, including internet and Moodle
  • loss of access to enrolment records, examination results and academic transcripts
  • the inability to graduate until the outstanding debt is cleared.

Encumbered students will be informed that if they make no further payment or do not contact the University concerning their debt, their enrolment may be cancelled (i.e. invalidated).

4.3 Invalidation for non-payment of fees

4.3.1 Authority

Authority for invalidation is provided in Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations made pursuant to Monash University Statute 25 Fees:

Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations s 48 (9) states that "Unless  the Vice-Chancellor acts under subregulation (4) within 30 working days after  the due date, any enrolment or re-enrolment of a person who is liable to pay  but does not pay a fee by the due date is, by force of this subregulation,  invalidated at the end of that period of 30 working days."

Invalidated students do not have access to their full academic history.

"If a fee remains unpaid after the due date the person liable to pay it may not  obtain a transcript or other document relating to his or her academic record or  have a degree conferred on, or other award granted to, him or her, unless the  Vice-Chancellor otherwise directs." (Monash University (Vice-Chancellor) Regulations s 48 (3))
"A fee that is unpaid after the due date, and any penalty imposed in respect of  it, is a debt due and owing to the University by the person who is liable to  pay the fee and the University may commence a proceeding to recover it in any  court of competent jurisdiction." (Monash University Statute s 25 (3)).

4.3.2 Invalidation process

Invalidation will be invoked in cases where a student continues to have outstanding debt to the University. The process will commence two weeks after the encumbrance stage. Any tuition fees paid for the relevant course and teaching period will be retained.

Invalidated students will have their enrolment cancelled and do not have access to their academic record.

4.3.3 Reinstatement

Where an invalidated student seeks reinstatement to continue their study at the University, they must pay:

  • all outstanding debt - In circumstances where a pre-2001 debt has caused invalidation, but the exact amount cannot be identified for lack of recorded information, then this requirement may be waived
  • a reinstatement fee.

Once all payments have been made, students seeking to continue their course in the following semester must apply for readmission directly to the faculty of enrolment. The faculty will determine whether they may be re-admitted to the course in which the invalidation occurred, and the manner in which re-admission might occur.

Student Finance can effect reinstatement of the student’s enrolment within a current semester after reinstatement approval is granted by the faculty of enrolment and all outstanding fees are made.

Where possible all payments should be made at a campus Monash Connect.

Where the enrolment of a student in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) has been invalidated, the student cannot be readmitted on that liability until the following semester; however, they may be readmitted in the current semester on a full-fee basis, subject to faculty approval.

4.3.4 Transcripts

Where an invalidated full-fee paying student wishes to obtain a transcript without seeking re-admission to study at the University, then upon payment of outstanding debt and the reinstatement fee at Monash Connect, a transcript will be issued.

4.3.5 International students

Monash University is obliged to report invalidated international students to the Department of Home Affairs for breach of student visa conditions.

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